Reproductive Services

Large animal reproductive services in veterinary medicine include fertility treatments, insemination, pregnancy surveillance and delivery.

The staff at Amory Animal Hospital can help those that breed their large animals in areas of fertility and insemination. We are able to test for infertility in males and females for breeding purposes. Our staff is also able to collect semen samples from males for the purposes of breeding. Artificial insemination includes surgical and vaginal insemination. The doctor using general anesthesia and placing the semen from the male directly into the uterus through an incision in the abdomen does surgical insemination. A less invasive method is vaginal insemination which is the most common method used.

As your pet gets further along in their pregnancy, our doctors will be there to monitor your pet’s health to ensure an easy delivery and a fast recovery by mother and babies. Once your pet has delivered, Amory can follow her recovery and monitor the health of her newborn babies. Call our clinic to set up an appointment if you are interested in breeding your large animal or know that your pet is expecting.