Amory Animal Hospital is not only a fully functioning medical clinic; it is also a hospital as well with a surgical suite and intensive care unit. Our veterinarians are highly skilled surgeons who continue to educate themselves on the latest techniques and surgical processes in order to bring a high quality standard of care to their clients. Among minor surgeries such as biopsy, dental procedures neuter and spay, and declawing; our veterinarians perform major orthopedic repair, cancer removal, exploratory surgery, trauma repair and cesarean sections.

If surgery is necessary for your pet, they will undergo several phases of treatment: preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative. The preoperative phase includes a physical examination, blood work, x-rays and if needed biopsy for tumor identification. In the intraoperative phase, your pet will be put under anesthesia and a staff member will continuously monitor their heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rates and any pain that the pet may be experiencing. Once surgery is over, your pet will be moved to intensive care for their postoperative care. Your pet will be brought out of anesthesia treatment and once again their heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rates will be monitored to make sure they are withstanding treatment at an acceptable level. When your pet is able to head home, you will be given post-op care instructions as well as a follow up appointment.